Attracting A Man

Get Him to Focus on You

Get Him to Focus on You and Be Faithful

The reality is, you can get a man to focus 100% of his time on you, if he’s willing to. But this isn’t something you can make happen overnight, as that simply won’t last. A few months may go by with him being  committed to you, but eventually, his eyes will begin to wander, looking […]

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Keeping a Man Close

Keep Your Man From Pulling Away From You Emotionally

Imagine this: you feel you are in a good relationship, in fact, you don’t worry about any problems for months on end. Then, out of nowhere, he is no longer as attentive as he used to be, the phone calls are shorter, the texts are less frequent, and you just feel that something is wrong. […]

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Couple by the Lake

How To Make Your Guy Miss You

You might be missing your man, but how do you make him miss you? The most sure-fire way is to be the genuine person that all men want. By being kind and genuinely nice you are sure to have any man wanting to spend time with you over friends. This tip alone will make any […]

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Flowers for the Girl he Loves

How to Get Him to “Chase” You

If you want a guy to chase you, it comes down to more than how you look. It is about how you conduct yourself when you’re with him. Of course, we all know that you aren’t going to jump into the sack once you get together, that’s way too easy, you’ve got to play the […]

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