How To Make Your Guy Miss You

You might be missing your man, but how do you make him miss you? The most sure-fire way is to be the genuine person that all men want. By being kind and genuinely nice you are sure to have any man wanting to spend time with you over friends.

Couple by the Lake

This tip alone will make any object of your desire want to spend more time with you. Of course, you also want to be near him for all the right reasons, if both of you are miserable around one another, then maybe a prolonged time apart is the best answer.

It is also important to consider why you are missing him. Are you too needy? Maybe he is not calling all the time like he did in the early days of the relationship. Are you a person that needs emotional and physical intimacy but you’re not being satisfied? Is it a long-distance relationship with too much space between you both? There may be multiple reasons.

There could be several reasons why he is not getting in touch with you as often as before like work or other projects. It’s best to avoid being too forceful in getting attention – a constant barrage of asking him “what’s wrong?” and if he still loves you just might have the wrong effect.

Don’t Be “Needy”

You may be worried about the relationship but becoming too needy and desirous could frighten him away. Instead do the opposite, as hard as it sounds. Keep a happy disposition about yourself. Let him see that you are not quite so needy (even though it’s not true) and turn the tables around.  In other words, let him feel that he needs you.  Don’t let him know that you are sad and lonely and in need of his company more often.

Don’t always jump to meet with him every time he calls.  You have other things to attend to and can’t always drop everything at the last minute.  Let him know that you have a busy life too – his own feelings may not cope too well with this one. Make him realize you are not going to be on the end of the phone waiting for him.  It may cause him to realize he may not want to leave you alone so often.

Don’t believe that you always need to initiate the conversion first.  It’s not always good to associate yourself with always being the one to start the conversation. Just hang on in there – he will call or text, he will do it, don’t keep chasing!

Have Your Own Interests

Remember, you can push this distancing even farther by keeping in mind that you don’t have to answer right away, let him see that you are busy too and not everything is about him – he will want to get in touch. Let him see that you do have a social life away from him and that you are independent. If a man feels that you’re always going to be there, he will continue checking on you on his own schedule. By distancing yourself you’ll make him want to try harder to appeal to your own needs.

You must not give in to him in any way, you must keep your standards up and don’t let the fences down. Start as if you mean to, while still being genuine, honest, respectful of space, independent and calm.  The minute you let these guards down you are compromising yourself.

Don’t let him see this, keep him wanting to be interested in who you are. Let him see that you are out there on social media, and yes by all means send him a text every now and again but don’t hog the air waves everyday. Keep all your interactions light and informative, not needy. Just don’t let him know that he can take you for granted!

Once he knows this, there is no going back. For him to know that you hang on his every word and will never leave him makes it too easy for him to put in the bare minimum of effort. He’ll know he doesn’t have to try at the relationship too hard because he knows you will stay, it doesn’t take much effort on his part.

Remember, always protect yourself and the relationship, keep things cool, don’t hunger for all of his time. Show lots of interest in him and what he is doing but let him feel that your life is good too and make him want to work harder to become a part of your own life. In the end, you really want to bring your good qualities out whenever you do get in touch with him and prove that you are strong and independent and that if you were not there then he would miss you a lot.

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