Keeping a Man Close

Keep Your Man From Pulling Away From You Emotionally

You feel you are in a good relationship, in fact, you don’t worry about any problems for months on end. Then, out of nowhere, he is no longer as attentive as he used to be.

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Couple by the Lake

How To Make Your Guy Miss You

You might be missing your man, but how do you make him miss you? You may be worried about the relationship but becoming too needy and desirous could frighten him away. Instead do the opposite, as hard as it sounds.

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Flowers for the Girl he Loves

How to Get Him to “Chase” You

If you want a guy to chase you, it comes down to more than how you look. It is about how you conduct yourself when you’re with him.

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Flirting with Him Through Texts

How To Flirt With A Guy and Get His Attention Through Texts

Sending a photo isn’t the only way to capture a mans attention, texting can be even more effective. Words alone can have more power than you might imagine.

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Get Your Husband Back

How To Win Your Husband Back

The time has arrived, a time you never thought would. Did you think that when you said “I do”, you would be asking yourself later “what happened”?

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Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You

8 Ways to Get Your Boyfriend Back

After two years of dating, you unexpectedly hear the words that you never thought you would hear: “It’s over”. What are you going to do?

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